HALEU Energy Fuel Inc., a subsidiary of NANO Nuclear Energy Inc., is focused on the development and manufacture of High-Assay Low-Enriched Uranium (HALEU) for its reactors, and other SMR and microreactor companies. Given the current nuclear fuel landscape, HALEU Energy Fuel has identified major challenges for fueling its anticipated advanced portable microreactors and is looking to invest its resources into developing fabrication facilities to produce HALEU fuel suited for both its reactor operations, and other upcoming and emerging reactor companies.

The Company has identified a major opportunity to work in combination with the U.S. national nuclear laboratories to provide a national capability, where NANO can service the country with reactor fuel fabricated for domestic and commercial nuclear energy industries.

The Company is brokering collaborations with the domestic industry and government to build a successful and national fuel production facility. The Company intends to finance and staff projects and programs to develop and deliver long-term, consistent, sources of SMR and microreactor fuel to power the future of U.S.A.

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